Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hard to Imagine

I was reading the paper today (heard this on the news last night too) about a man who was arrested on a failure to appear on a traffic ticket. He was in the Shiloh jail. He picked the lock and escaped! Can you imagine. A modern day escape. He was arrested about a half hour later. What was he thinking? All right. He missed his court appointment. that is workable. So he gets a fine or a slap on the wrist. He is out the door in no time. But now, he is facing escape from jail charges. That will carry more time, more fines and more problems. What was he thinking?

He wasn't. that is the problem that we run into. People don't think. They live for the moment. They do what they think is necessary for the moment and figure they will work out the problems later. Now that isn't true either. Most people figure that they will get away with whatever they are doing. Why is that? Why do we think we can do something wrong and no one will notice? And we won't have to pay the price for the action?

I can remember growing up. Mom and Cecil were out for the evening. We were hanging with the friends of the neighborhood (all guys) and having a good time. One of us were trying to get someones attention outside by knocking on the small window in the door. They weren't paying attention so the knocking got harder. Guess what happened next! The window broke. What did we do? We freaked for a few moments and then went into self-preservation mode. We did what every bunch of young guys did. We tried to figure out how to fix it so that mom wouldn't find out. Yeah right, she wouldn't know. What were we thinking? We weren't. Just like the guy leaving the jail - he wasn't thinking.

We really do need to learn how to face the music. When we do wrong, we need to admit it. We need to face the consequences and then go on. There is a price to pay for our actions. But face it, we need to own up to what we do and face the music, like it or not.

That my cyber friends, is a hard thing to teach to people. It is also a harder thing to learn. Good luck to all of us.

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