Wednesday, April 7, 2010


There has been talk about making it illegal to protest the funerals of servicemen - the Baptist church from Kansas (or is it Nebraska? I don't remember. They are such a fringe group and so radical that no one really pays them heed until now.). They show up at funerals of those killed in Iraq or some other place and protest. They say that those who die do so because it is God's judgment against the USA not taking a harder stance against homosexuality.

Are they nuts? The simple answer is - yes. The death of the men and women in the military is not God's judgment against us because we accept homosexuality. There are many of us who still follow the Word of God and do not agree that homosexuality is the way that God wants for people. It is wrong. To engage in same-sex relations, even if it is monogamous, is wrong. God condemns it. People should not engage in it.

But having said that, does that mean God is judging the USA because we have been lax and even supportive of this behavior? There are Christian churches who have accepted it as a way of life - does God bring judgment on them? To say such things is like saying that AIDS is God's punishment upon the homosexual community. Once again - are you nuts?

That is not what the Scriptures teach. Nor should it be something that we support or promote. Having said that, understand that I do not say that the lifestyle is all right. It is just as wrong for couples of the same sex to engage in sexual activity as it is for heterosexual couples to engage in sexual activity outside of marriage. Both are wrong. Both are going on. To take the thought of the Baptist church, we would have to say that God is bringing judgment on the USA by letting the servicemen get killed because couples are living together outside of marriage and because couples are engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage. Do they do that? No. Why not? Because they have an ax to grind against the homosexual community. That is wrong.

Instead of attacking the homosexual community, they should be bringing the message of Christ to them. But then again, isn't that what each Christian church should be doing against each sin? We reach out to the sinner with the words of both Law and Gospel. You start with the Law, showing the sin and helping the sinner to understand that the activity - whatever it might be, homosexual, heterosexual, drinking to the excess, looking at pornography on the Internet. Then, with much prayer and assistance from the Holy Spirit, when the person admits their sin and repents of it, you apply the loving balm of the Gospel.

Protest a funeral? That doesn't do anything at all except upset people - it even upsets those of us who agree that homosexuality is a sin. Instead of going to the funerals and making a mockery of Christians, they should be there to help those who grieve the loss of their loved ones, and then go home and clean up their own backyard. Sin is everywhere. Why do we single one out as worse than another. Let's all work together with one purpose, to show the love of Christ, to act in a Christ-like fashion and to proclaim the message of life and hope. That is what Easter itself is all about.

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

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