Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hope in the Lord

There are so many things that I think about blogging about, then I get caught up in the day and don't get around to them. Most of the time they come from my morning Scripture readings and I don't want to stop reading to blog. That means that they pass quickly into another realm - and not the cyber realm.

I was in Psalm 42 and read, "Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me?" (Ps. 42:5a, 11a ESV) When I read this, I thought about how we are so often in our lives. Something happens and we become upset. We don't like the way things are going. We feel that it is unfair, etc. We struggle with our lives. We face illness. We face financial difficulties. We face family problems. The list of things that cause one to be in turmoil or "down in the dumps" is as varied as there are people. And it changes from day to day.

And I wonder, why do we become "cast down" and "in turmoil"? Is it because our lives really stink? Are our lives really that bad? I can hear the resounding "YES!" coming from those who are going through those times. I won't "diss" you on that. But let me also ask you, "Where does your hope lie? Where were you when these things happened? What was the condition of your relationship with the Lord?"

The Psalm goes on, "Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God." (Ps. 42:5b, 11b ESV) Too often, our hope is in ourselves or someone or something. We look at our lives and focus on "me". We lose sight of God and His guidance and strength for our lives. We are so caught up in ourselves that we don't go to the one place that gives strength - the Lord.

I know that even when we hope in God, our lives can still stink. There will still be pain and suffering. Spouses will still argue, say heated things, perhaps even act in ways that lead to divorce. Children will still refuse to listen to their parents and think that their parents are stupid and have no idea what it is like to be their age. Workers will think that bosses are idiots and bosses will think that workers are lazy, no good bums who are only wanting to rip off the company. Sickness will still land a person in the hospital. Pain will drive people to more powerful medication. Anger will still lead people to act and say things they shouldn't. Basically, sin will still be in our midst, no matter what takes place.

BUT...where is your hope? Too often, we turn from the Lord in times of turmoil. Satan uses them to tempt us to doubt the way of the Lord. Hope in the Lord. Hope in the One who has gone through the pain that you are going through, who has gone through the loss that you are facing, who has been rejected by people just as you are being rejected by that one special person. Hope in the Lord. Trust in Him. Doubt that you can? Before you turn away, take His hands in yours and examine the scars you find there. Those scars are from nails. They are from when He hung on a cross, completely rejected by friends, family and followers. Those are from a time when the eternal Father turned His face from His Son and looked the other way while He suffered and died. He knows. He feels. He has been there.

And He overcame - for you! FOR YOU! He overcame all the turmoil of this world. He has overcome all that you are facing. He is victorious. He is living. He is saying to you, "Come to Me. Hope in Me. Trust in Me. I will carry you through." Will it still hurt? Yes. Will it overwhelm? Only if you try to do it alone. Hope in the Lord and He will carry you and your burden. Will you make it through? Yes. Better yet, let me say a resounding, "YES!"

Remember these words, "My soul is cast down within me, therefore I remember you." (Ps. 42:6 ESV) The Lord hasn't forgotten you!

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