Monday, November 1, 2010

Profile Picture

I was looking at my profile picture. That is Penny and myself. We took it ourself in Chicago Union Station, when we were in line to board the Amtrak long distance train "The Empire Builder" on Monday, June 22, 2009. We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a 9 day, 5200 mile trip on 3 different long distance trains. We started with the train from St. Louis to Chicago early in the morning. The kids dropped us at St. Louis. We took the 2 day Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle, WA. Spent a night in Seattle. Took the Coast Starlight for a day to Sacramento, CA. Spend 2 days in Sacramento. Then boarded the California Zephyr for a 2 day trip back home.

Long? Yes. Tiring? No. We enjoyed the relaxing trip. We would do it again if we were given the chance. And we probably will do it again.

The picture was standing in line, after they called our train. I was excited! Penny was happy to be getting away. We enjoyed our days together, just us, relaxing, enjoying one another's company and watching the country go by. Try it some time. You will enjoy it.

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