Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday evening

Thursday evening - the first week of school draws to a close for me. I know that there is still Friday for students and teachers. But for me, today is my Friday. For the first time in years, more than I can count, I will actually have a real day off (I mean during the school year, when school is in session. Here at St. Paul's, I have had my Fridays off during the summer. But this feels really good to know that I actually have a day off from teaching and other work). From the time I was in my last years are Ferrin to this year, I have not had a real day off during the week, not without taking a vacation day. Not a day that I could count on week after week to not have to get up and go to the office, to teach class or do something else that was needed in the church that I was serving.

That is, till now. Tomorrow, I will not be getting up to teach class or to lead staff devotions. I will not have to go into the office to make sure that the bulletin is correct or that everything is running smoothly. Instead, if I get up in the morning, it will be because I want to get up and do some reading, to spend time in the Word, to be able to sit peaceably without having to head over to the office.

It means a lot to me to not have to get going. So tonight, when I go to bed, I will go to bed knowing that tomorrow is a day given over to my rest, rest with Penny, rest from my labors. It is my Sabbath rest. And I give thanks to God and to St. Paul's congregation and school for it.

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