Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tolerance and Intolerance

I was going to continue writing about our trip (which I will pick up later) but instead I feel compelled to write about tolerance, fairness and the heavy hand of Satan. What made me think about these things? It is the situation taking place with Chik-fil-A. There is a major movement going now to not only boycott Chik-fil-A but to keep it from opening stores in communities. Why? Because the CEO Dan Cathy has spoken against same-sex marriages. He is in support of traditional family values. Is that so bad?

According to the proponents of same-sex marriage, homosexual unions and those who are opposed to traditional family values it is. It is a terrible thing for him to say (though in reading reports it is hard to find that Dan Cathy actually said he opposed same-sex marriage - though I wish he would have!) according to these groups. And because he has said that, they propose not only a boycott (which they can do without any problem because that is within their right and the freedoms of the USA) but also trying to drive Chik-fil-A from towns and using government control to keep them from opening other stores (an alderman in Chicago has gone on record saying he would not allow them to open a store in his ward - what? his ward? When did it become his? When did it become his right to use his governmental power in this way?)

Where is tolerance? Same-sex proponents come down hard on Christians for standing on their convictions, proposing boycotts and working to support traditional marriage values and morals. They talk about it being "unloving" and "intolerant" to speak against same-sex marriage. We are told to be more tolerant, loving, caring, etc. But here we see the real agenda. There is no tolerance. There is no love. There is no caring. UNLESS, and this is a big unless, you agree with the same-sex, gay marriage agenda. You cannot speak against it. You cannot stand opposed to it. If you do, then you are wrong, intolerant and terrible.

And now government power is being brought to bear on Chik-fil-A to try to get it to cave and accept the same-sex agenda. Not only accept it but support it and do all it can to move it forward.

This is wrong! It turns my stomach because in the end this is an attack of Satan upon the people of God. Satan is doing all he cane to destroy the morals and values that the Lord has given to the world. Same-sex relationships are wrong. It is against that which the Lord has proclaimed. And it comes, not from God, but from the prince of this world, the devil himself.

This just another attack upon the values and morals that the Lord has given. I, for one, support Chik-fil-A and their stance on traditional family values.


  1. I for one will be frequenting the new Chik-fil-A a lot when it opens in Fairview Heights!! The hypocrisy of intolerance for differing views is amazing to me. It is a Christian company and always has been. The real news would be if he said something against the Christian values that the company has always worked by. (How many national chains are closed on Sunday to honor the Lord?)

  2. Bringing the power of the "state" down on a private business because of the values of the owner? Who will be next? The government can now tell me how I must think if I want to remain in business? And "they" say there is no slippery slope.


  3. I think we should go to chik-fil-a for lunch.
    your number one fan! Penny

    1. I too am upset,that one man who stands up for God,can be so condemned for doing so. We also have a right to promote marriage between a man and woman.Satan is not winning,Christ is strong and forever!