Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day

Vote for....I am not going to tell you who to vote for. That isn't my position in life. We have heard enough of that over the past year, getting especially overwhelmed with such advertising over the past couple weeks. We have had enough mud and muck slung around to make a pig happy for a lifetime. It doesn't matter which party you support, that party was just as bad as the other one. very few candidates actually avoided such muck-slinging. It seems that we are working to reach an all time low in how we run campaigns.

So if I am not telling you how to vote on this election day, what am I writing about? May God's will be done. That, my friends, is a tough thing to say. May God's will be done. When you have two main candidates for president of the USA and neither of them are Christians (Romney is Mormon which isn't Christian and Obama is nothing unless it suits to get him votes), how can we say "May God's will be done"?

The Lord has worked through out the years without Christian leaders. He has been lead the history of this world without people acknowledging Him or following Him. Look at the Assyrians, whom He used to discipline the people of Israel. Or take a look at the Babylonians or the Persians, whom He used in the course of history. What about the Romans? And you can look at the history of the world and see that while there are many that do not love or follow the Lord, He still guided the course of history.

And He still guides it. His will shall be done. Do we know what that will is? No we do not. Will we understand it after the election is over? Probably not. But as we trust in the Lord and let Him be the One who holds the course of history in His hands, we learn the true meaning of the 3rd petition of the Lord's Prayer: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. What does this mean? The good and gracious will of God is done even without our prayer, but we pray in this petition that it may be done among us also. How is God's will done? God's will is done when He breaks and hinders every evil plan and purpose of the devil, the world, and our sinful nature, which do not want us to hallow God's name or let His kingdom come; and when He strengthens and keeps us firm in His Word and faith until we die. This is His good and gracious will." (Luther's Small Catechism)

So we pray that the Lord's will is done. Who do I want to see elected? That, my friends, is what I will let be known when I go to the voting booth and place my vote. I will do so, praying that I am doing the Lord's will by voting for the man that I believe God wants leading our country.

Lord, may Your will be done!

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