Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday - a day of transition and arrival

San Antonio, TX - get ready to have the Holy Spirit do some powerful things! What kind of things? Hearts changed, souls saved, weak strengthened, love uplifted, joy spread, fun attained and just about anything else you can imagine. I found myself outside of the hotel this morning listened to the Spirit and feeling like dancing in the street. I didn't because of traffic but boy do I know what King David felt like. The Ark of the Covenant may not be coming into San Antonio today but thousands of young people and their adult leaders are arriving and the Holy Spirit has put joy in my heart. Dance! Sing! Shout! If not me, who will be like Jesus to the least of these? Use me! I am Your servant.

Many youth are traveling today. The youth and adults from St. Paul's will be leaving from church at 8:30 this morning (Sunday). I pray that they will be safe in travels. That their flight will be smooth. And their arrival on time. Reflect the love of Christ at the airport, to TSA, to the flight attendants, to all the others that you come in contact with today. You are the Light of Christ moving through this country. May the Light of Christ shine brightly in all that you are say and do!

Penny and I have been in training. All day yesterday - from 8:30 a.m. -6:30 p.m. - we were in the Convention Center, learning what our roles are and how to help out in whatever way we can. So many pieces to the puzzle are coming together. Thank the Lord for the Youth Board of the Missouri Synod. They are a powerful part of what the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of the youth and in the lives of the folks in San Antonio. I know that there are those in our church body who look down on them but my friends, those folks are wrong. The ministry they are doing is amazing and the Spirit is doing great and powerful things through them. Thank You Lord! (OK, I almost got going on the political climate in our church but the Spirit stopped me. It would have been me, my feelings, not His that would have been spouted.)

So here we go. Half a day of training in specific duties today. And then back at the hotel from 1-6 to greet youth and adults at the Grand Hyatt. We have 2180 youth and adults staying in this hotel! 2180! That is a lot of people in one hotel. Only the Marriott River Center has more - over 2400. The team here - Penny and myself, Tom and Trudy Heren, Nancy Gowan and Shirley Smith - rocks! I have the best CLB team of any hotel! It is great.

More to come. I am pump! Holy Spirit, use me! Let's rock this town. My prayer at the start of every service is "Holy Spirit, rock this place!" I pray that now for San Antonio. Holy Spirit, Rock this Town! Rock these kids! Move mightily! Strengthen us! Fill us! Empower us! Amen.

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