Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cold rain, dead battery and changed plans.

It is a cold, wet November morning. Here this morning, there is a cold rain coming down. They say it won't last long. That is a good thing, though we need the rain. Rain again tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow. Could be substantial amounts of rain. I don't want it to rain and yet I know that we need the rain. I don't mind if it rains during the night but when it rains during the day, when we need to be out and about, I don't like it quite so well. That is the way we are isn't it? We want something but we don't like to be inconvenienced by it. We pray to the Lord for something and then grumble when it comes in a way we don't like. "Lord we need rain," we pray. "Lord, why did You have it rain when I needed to go outside?" we lament. Fickle people that we are, it is amazing that the Lord puts up with us.

Put up with us? Yes He does. His love for us leads Him to care for us in many and various ways, even when we grumble and mumble against Him. We turn our backs upon Him and do what we want, and then complain when things don't go the way that we want things to go. Lord, how do You put up with us? Thank You for Your love and care each day. We don't deserve it but You sure give it. You are an amazing God. I rejoice that I can call You Father, that Your Son is my Savior and that the Holy Spirit is the One who leads me day after day.

Yesterday was a day when I was sure that I had the day planned. I taught confirmation class and then headed for the Board of Spiritual Care down at the District office. Things were going well. Without a thought, I was sure that I knew how the day was going to go. Stopping for a soda (Circle K always has the super huge soda for 79 cents, one that would last all morning), I walked out to the van, put the key in the ignition, turned it, ready to roll on the next couple miles to get where I needed to get. I was on time. Everything was going according to plan. And...nothing. That's right, nothing. The van wouldn't start. Really? This can't be true. Try, try, try again but with the same results. Nothing. Sigh, the shoulders sage with the realization that the battery is dead. Now what? The day changes that is what.

I won't bore you with the details for how it turned out. Just know that it turned out all right. Figuring that the Lord knew best, I followed Him. Upset? Not really? Why? Because there is no reason to be upset with something that I couldn't change. All I could think of was, "OK, Lord, what do you have in store? What is the reason this isn't working?" Someone said, "Perhaps the Lord kept something from happening." And I thought about that. Maybe? How many times does the Lord stop something bad, awful or terrible from happening to us? And we don't know it! Why? Because it never happened! Thanks be to God for that knowledge.

I never did make the meeting. The battery is replaced. We have a van ready for a drive to Seward, NE at the end of this week. It didn't break down when we stopped for gas somewhere in Iowa. I rejoice that the Lord is good and gracious no matter what happens to me in my life. We look at our lives and expect all sunshine and flowers. And we forget that in order to have that sunshine or those flowers, we need rain. And we are back to this morning, with the cold November rain falling. All right Lord. You do know what You are doing. rain, dead battery and plans changed. That too is a blessing for me in my life. All I can say as I begin this day is, "Lord, lead me, guide me, show me what You desire for me to do to Your glory today. I am Your servant. I am Yours. WooHoo! Thanks for that!"

Now to go about today, in a cold rain, with a dark sky and the wonder of His love on my lips, I go about this day. How are you going to live it?

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