Friday, December 20, 2013


I have been listening to all the banter about Phil Robertson and A & E  and the interview he gave where he was asked his thoughts and beliefs about homosexuality and marriage. I have been appalled at the response from the A&E network and from the lack of response from Hollywood, the homosexual community, and a whole host of others.

I would think that the Hollywood would be upset with A&E. I would also expect for the homosexual community to be upset with them as well. Notice I didn't say they should be upset with Phil Robertson. They might not agree with him (and I doubt that they do), but they should be upset with the intolerance, censorship and discrimination shown to Phil for his beliefs and his way of life.

If Phil can be treated this badly because of his beliefs, then would it not be safe to say that the homosexual community could be treated just as poorly for their beliefs? In there is intolerance to one person's beliefs, would it not stand that there would be intolerance to all people's beliefs? If on can be fired for accepting the Christian belief about homosexuality, could on also not be fired for accepting the liberal belief about homosexuality? Could there also be intolerance shown to the non-Bible quoting homosexual who speak against the heterosexual relationships and traditional marriage?

I know that this would never happen. We live in a time and culture that is anti-Christian, anti-Bible, anti-moral. Anything that smacks of traditional Christian beliefs will be torn apart and ridiculed and not tolerated. If it is liberal, homosexual, anti-Christian, it is accepted and encouraged.

That is so hypocritical. Often the Christian is accused of hypocrisy but the reality is, Hollywood, the media and the homosexual community is hypocritical. They claim tolerance - as long as it is their view. They claim fairness as long as it is for them and not against them. They claim love as long as you hold the same view as they do. But say or do something that goes against their view, and they will attack you and do everything in their power to destroy you.

My friends, welcome to the kingdom of this world. As Christians, we forget that we live in this world of which Satan is the prince. Do not expect tolerance to what is morally right. Do not expect fairness to what is godly. Do not expect to be treated fairly because you follow Christ Jesus in your life. Our Lord warned us that this is the way it would be. Don't be surprised. Instead, stand firm in the faith no matter what is said. Hold firm to Jesus Christ as you Lord and Savior. Proclaim the truth as given by His Word. And in the end, know that you will attacked on all sides.

Also remember that He who is in you is stronger than he would is against you. For Christ has already won the victory over sin, death and the devil in His death and resurrection. On Christ the solid rock we stand! All other ground is sinking sand.

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