Monday, May 19, 2014

A Song in My Head

What song is in your head? Mornings begin with a song. Sometimes it is a sacred song, perhaps something that was sung at church or one that just happens to come into my head. Other times it is one form the radio that I heard a day or two before. It might be a song that I really enjoy or it might be a song that I can't really stand. It might be a song from a group like Remedy Drive or Audio Adrenaline. Or maybe it might be from Robert Cray, the String Cheese Incident or ZZ Top. It is like I have this jukebox in my head that has a listing of songs and someone pushes 114 or 534. And that song plays. It is kind of fun to see what song begins my day.

You might think that I would say that every song in my head is a beautiful hymn or a well written Christian song that focuses attention on the wonder of salvation given in Christ Jesus. But it isn't. It just happens to be a song that comes into my head as I wake up that day. Does it matter what type of song it is? I don't think so. Music is a gift to us from God. There is well written music and poorly written music. There is rock, classical, country and pop. The varieties of music are truly a blessing to us from God. You might not like a certain type of music but that doesn't mean that it is bad. I enjoy a good hymn. I enjoy a good praise song. I enjoy a good rock song. I enjoy a good hard rock song. I enjoy a good 70's song. In the end, I enjoy a good song.

I would encourage you to enjoy the music of your life. Enjoy the talents that God has given to so many different people to make a variety of different types of music. I will enjoy a good Phish song at the same time I will enjoy a good Casting Crowns song. I will grove to a a good Audio Adrenaline song and at the same take in a good Deep Purple song. I won't listen to a poorly written tune or a song which is poorly written. How do I make the decision what to listen to? It is what appeals to my ear and my mood.

The one thing I need to understand that while I let my mood decide what sort of music I am going to listen to at the moment, I can't let that be the way I deal with my spiritual life. The Word of God is not something that I can play around with and say, "Today I think I will embrace the teachings of the Bible," and then tomorrow say, "I will embrace the teachings of the Book of Mormon." To do so would be spiritually wrong. There is one message of life, and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My itching ears might want to hear something that focuses my attention on me, on my sinful desires, on the direction my heart wants to go but my soul needs only that which will give true life and salvation. Only God's Word gives that assurance and that life that is needed in my life. Anything else is man-made and will lead to my death and destruction.

My musical choices will change according to the day. That is all right. The message of life and hope will not change from day to day. There is one message. It is as Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to Father except through me." (John 14) Only one message of salvation - that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus alone is the way to eternal life. Jesus alone is the truth that this world needs. Jesus alone life from death. The message of the day will not change.

I have a song in my head and salvation in my heart. It doesn't get much better than that.

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