Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can You Believe It?

Here I am, sitting here, looking at the computer, and I don't know what to write. Hmmmm. What can I write about tonight? I watch Jay Leno talk with Rush Limbaugh and nothing comes to mind. I look on Facebook and all that is going on there, and nothing comes to mind. And so what do I write - nothing. OK, maybe maybe I am writing something but it is really meaningless. So would I read it if I was you? Not really.

But then that made me think of something. Isn't that really how many things are in this world? Does baseball really make a difference in the world? Yes it makes an economic impact but in reality, it doesn't matter if the Cards clinch their division tonight or not. Yet we will spend how much news time talking about baseball. We will go to games and sit there and watch a game, cheer for a player that gets a hit, and forget that he makes a few million dollars a year to hit that ball once in a while. We sit there watching, spending our hard earned money, making loads less than him in a job that actually makes a difference in the world (as a teacher, nurse, janitor, etc.).

Does much of what we hear on the news make a difference in the world? Not really. We just like to listen to it. And listen we do. We spend countless hours a day watching the news - Fox, CNN, MSNBC, all the local channels. Is it worthwhile? I don't know.

I guess I didn't really have much to say. So tonight, I pray that God will bless you, strengthen you and guide you in your life. That, my friend, is something that makes a difference in your life. Without Jesus in your life, all is lost. With Jesus, there is a future and hope. Hold onto Him. That is all I have to say.

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