Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why would I be surprised?

"I've seen women who cross their legs before they sit down to the table." (line from REO Speedwagon's "Like You Do") I thought of that this morning as I thought about life in general. I have seen a lot of things, done a lot of things and experienced many things. I have met people of all walks of life, from the street wise junky to the high brow executive. I have faced murderers, rapists and bangers. I have talked with theologians and politicians. And when all is said and done, I guess I am still naive and hopeful.

I still believe that true life and happiness is only found in Jesus Christ. No matter what happens in this world, and I will guarantee that it will be an awful world to live in, there is still hope found in Jesus. The world cannot give that hope. Drugs can't. Alcohol can't. Sex can't. Pres. Obama can't. Congress can't. The doctor can't. Food can't. Power can't. Money can't. Family can't. The only One that can give real, lasting hope that doesn't disappoint is Christ Jesus Himself.

So why am I still surprised that people refuse Him? Why do I still find myself hopeful when I talk to someone that they will respond to the love of Christ and turn from their self-centered, self-serving life of destruction? It is because I know the hope and life in Christ. I know the peace it brings, even when others don't want to let you have that peace. I know that even if family turns its back on you, you have Christ. You may lose for a time, but you gain for an eternity.

I have seen so much but I still want to cry each time I see someone reject the hope found in Christ. Why do we trust in men so much? Why do we hate so often? Why is it that we cannot live in the peace of Christ? It is because we are still in this world. The Prince of Darkness rules this world. He is the Father of Lies. In the end, he has convinced so many that Jesus cannot help, bring peace or hope. And so, I am saddened as another person shows that they want nothing to do with Jesus. It brings tears to the eyes and causes the heart to break.

It makes no sense. But that is what sin does. It corrupts the perfect in Christ and destroys the hope that comes from Him. He gives peace that passes human understanding and yet so many spit on Him, turn from Him and follow the emptiness that they are offered. If only...

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