Thursday, October 8, 2009

Noah's Ark

It has rained buckets today. There were times when I was in the Ministry Center of St. Paul's, and you could hear the rain pounding down upon the roof of the building. Most rains we don't hear. But today we heard the rain. Water. Pouring. Pounding. Lightning. Thunder. It was quite the day. From what they say, it will be quite the night too. More rain coming. More storms.

Did anyone see Noah's ark today? All right. I will cut you some slack if you don't live in Troy. I will also cut you some slack if you have nothing to do with St. Paul's during the school day. But, if you were observant, you would have seen Noah's ark. How? On a tie, that was being worn, by yours truly.

I wore it because of the forecast. Thought it might be a good teaching tool. But we missed the opportunity. No one noticed Noah or his ark. It slipped by, silently, like a ship passing in the night. (All right, so I am getting carried away with the boat imagery.)

When you see the rain, think of the promise of God. Think of the rainbow. Think of His love. Then thank Him that He won't destroy the world by a flood ever again. And then, think about how He will bring about the end. And when you think about that - set your mind on things above. Think of Jesus. Believe in Jesus. Confess Jesus. Share Jesus. And be ready - the end is coming.

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