Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just Thinking

Lots of things to think about - life and death, building mosques or not building mosques, rain, trusting in God or not trusting in God, making personal plans and then following the direction of the Lord or making those plans and refusing to follow the Lord. What to write about?

Rain - it came suddenly. Lots of it. Sounds wonderful in a morning. Makes the sunrise seem in complete. Darkness instead of light. Wetness instead of dryness. The sound of cars going by on a wet road, hitting the puddles, water splashing all around. Water - baptism. As the rain comes down I remember that I am a baptized child of God! What a wondrous thought. It isn't that I claimed God. It isn't that I went searching for Him and found Him hidden somewhere. He came searching for me. I was hiding under the rock of my sinfulness. Rotten, stinking, in need of a change, much like a baby after a long nap and a good bottle. Unable to change myself, not even aware that I needed to change. He found me. He claimed me. The water is poured. "I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." He searched me out. He changed my heart, my life, my clothing. I am now clothed in the righteousness of Christ not in the filth of my own making. I am made whole through His working not through my desire. He makes me His child by His desire not by my trying to become His child. What joy that is! What comfort that gives. WOW! Thank you God for acting my life. If it was up to me, I would be the wild child in class, acting out to get attention and unable to stop myself. You have given me a new heart, a new desire, new clothing, new life! Thank You.

Just thinking - amazing where those thoughts can take a person. Reflect today on your relationship with God. Is it one you are making or is it one He is making. There is a difference. The former you are making God in your image. The latter He is the One making you into His image. The former is colored by sin. The latter is guided by righteousness. Which would you prefer? Your actions or His actions? Lord, it is up to You to mold me, to form me, to remake me. Your Spirit has prepared my heart. Please help me not to stand in Your way, to try to do it myself. Instead I pray that You will be the One working in me.

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