Monday, September 6, 2010

Moving thoughts

I am sore. That and tired. All right, so right now I am not as tired and sore as I was this morning. When I got up this morning (uncharacteristically late by the way), my body groaned at me. All through the morning, my head was sleepy. Why? (Thanks for asking.)

We moved Penny's mom from Altamont to Troy yesterday. It is great having her in town now. We even invited her to come over for supper tonight as we grilled for Labor Day. We haven't been able to do that for about 2 years. It is nice having her here. I know that it makes Penny happy. She loves her mom and really loves having her around. I do too!

But it sure showed to me that I am not as young as I used to be. My body groaned as I lifted, pushed and pulled. I realized how out of shape I truly am. The amazing thing is that when we were loading her truck, I was one of the younger ones there. Greg Brumm from Troy came over and helped (he is 30). Gene is older than I am and Kenny Mercier is too. So why am I groaning? Because I am. I want to moan. I want to groan. So I do so.

Tomorrow, all this will be over and a new week will begin. I will set aside these thoughts and go on with the life, not moaning, not groaning but rejoicing that the Lord has given me another day to be alive.

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  1. First of all very happy for Penny to have her mother near,that has to be wonderful.My mother passed away 18 yrs.ago and I miss her dearly,but like she told me we will have a wonderful reunion someday. Thanks be to God!! Me and Kevin both seem to have aches and pains ever since we turned the big 50! What will we be like elderly??!