Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Summer Morning

Sitting on the porch, the sun shining brightly, the sky a beautiful blue, marveling at creation. What a wonderful day that the Lord has made. All I can do is sit in awe at how His finger paints creation in the beautiful patches of green, blue, and the abundance of colors of flowers, birds and animals. How amazing it is to see the beauty of creation - God has made it all. I sit and wonder, "How can anyone imagine that this happened by accident?" How can anyone imagine that there is no God who created the world?
Then I remember that we live in a fallen world. Sin blocks our vision. It corrupts our thoughts. We imagine that we are gods, people in control of our own destiny. We envision that we are the center of the universe and that everything has to go as we desire and wish. We push God to the background because to acknowledge Him would mean that there is One that we are responsible to, that we must listen to, that we must give answer to - and we don't like that. We want to be gods! We want to control this world! We are invincible! (Think the James Bond film "Goldeneye" right before the computer geek dies from the nitrogen coming over him.) And then we all die. Morbid - yes. True - yes. And at that moment we realize one important truth - God is God and we are not. No matter how much we argue, refuse to accept, etc. God will still be God and we will still be the creatures. We can put forward evolution until we are blue in the face and then, when we die and stand before the Almighty, we will know that evolution was wrong and creation was correct. Until then, so many people will fall for the lie and deny the truth. Sad, so very sad. How I pray that the Holy Spirit would change people's minds and hearts to follow the truth of God's Word.
Sitting on the porch, soaking up the warm sun, enjoying the birds flying here and there, rejoicing in the wonders of creation, these thoughts run through my mind. Lord, please open people to the truth today. Don't let anyone die in their unbelief. That would be the worst kind of death - for it brings eternal damnation. I don't want that. Make me a vessel to take to the message of life and hope to others, that they too might rejoice in the wonders of Your Son and know the peace it brings.
Summer begins. I look forward to my mornings on the porch. Lord, keep them coming!

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