Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wedding Day

Saturday morning, June 4, 2011. Today my daughter Rachael marries Brandon Beckemeyer. We have been planning the wedding for a couple years now, so the plans are all done. I say "we" when I really mean that Penny and Rachael have been planning the wedding and I only jumped in on occasions as needed. They had some definite plans they wanted and they have seen them come together.
I have been asked if I am getting the "dad jitters." The answer would be "no." What jitters are there to have? Do I not want my daughter to get married? Of course I do. She has found the man that God intends for her to marry. It is a great event and a wonderful day. You raise your children so that they can start their own families. God intends for that to happen. He plans for moms and dads to raise their children, teach them right from wrong, help them to mature and grow and then to fly from the nest. As nice as it is to have them at home, it is also nice to see them able to go off and begin life on their own. A wedding is the opportunity for parents to rejoice in the fact that their child has grown into adulthood and is able to stand on his/her own two feet. When you approach a marriage with the aspect that it is part of God's plan, then it opens up new doors to you to know that since it is God's plan, there is good in it and it should be part of your plan.
Penny and I are going to enjoy this day. We are proud parents of Rachael. We are proud that she is getting married. We are happy that she is marrying Brandon. It is great to see this new chapter in her life begin.
We support her fully in this new life. We will give our support and advice (when it is asked for not when we feel it is what we want, for what we want in her marriage is for her and Brandon to grow together, mature together and make their way in life together).
Nervous? No. Anxious? No. Excited? Yes. It is an exciting day! And boy are we looking forward to it. Bring on the ceremony. Bring on the family. Bring on the friends. Let's enjoy the day together. When it is over, let's be able to say, "That was really a great event. God has truly blessed us today!"

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