Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Hot Outside

Thinking about the heat brings to mind two things: Law and Gospel. "What?" you ask, "You think of Law and Gospel when you are in the heat? Are you nuts?" Well, maybe I am nuts but that isn't part of the equation. But I do see both of these great teachings of the Bible at work in our daily lives.

LAW: It is hot outside. But not as hot as it will be in hell. To live apart from Christ, to not believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, means that you will be condemned to hell. If you think that 101 degrees with a heat index even higher is hot, you ain't seen nothin' yet. We are told that hell is the place where the fire never goes out, and thirst is never quenched. When you take that long cool drink of water on this hot day, think about the fact that without faith in Christ, you will spend eternity in hell where you will never know the pleasure of such a cool drink. That is the Law at its strongest. Heat here - nothing compared to the heat of hell. Suffering when you walk outside, nothing compared to the suffering that will take place for an eternity in hell, for you will spend eternity without the pleasure of being God's presence ever again. Hot here - hotter there. Law speaking to you in the heat.

GOSPEL: Air Conditioning. When you walk into the AC after being in the heat, and you say, "AH!" think of the Gospel. When that coolness washes over you and refreshes you after being over heated by the walk from the car to work, from work to the car, from the car into the home, from sitting on the porch, sitting at the ballgame, etc., think about the refreshing freshness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The message of life washes over the soul that is lost in sin and brings relief in the form of forgiveness earned by Christ on the cross. As you sit comfortably in that air conditioned house or car, think of how wondrous it is to sit comfortably in the arms of your Lord who has given Himself for you. You are given the refreshing Gospel day after day. Walk in your house, turn on the AC, stand and be cooled down, and say one word, "Grace!"

Summer heat - Law and Gospel.

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