Wednesday, January 13, 2016

State of the Union

Last night was Pres. Obama's annual State of the Union address. He said a lot of things. There were many truths in what he said and his supporters will point those out. There were half truths and untruths in what he said and his opponents will point those out. People will spend days, perhaps even weeks, analyzing what he said and didn't say. Many people will have watched the speech. Many more will not have watched it.

So what do I have to say about the State of the Union? I have nothing to say about what Pres. Obama said. I didn't watch it. But I do have this to say. The state of the union is terrible. Our nation is in sad shape. Not just because of Pres. Obama or former Pres. Bush. It is in a terrible state not because of democrats or republicans. It is in a terrible state because of sin.

Sin has made people selfish and self-centered. It has created people who can care less about the needs of others and more about their own needs. It has made a nation that will spend more than they have to try to win $1.5 billion in a Powerball drawing while becoming upset that they have to pay taxes to educate their children. It has made a people who support the criminal and speak against the police who are protecting them from the criminal. It has created a people who would rather someone spend an eternity in hell than tell them that what they believe will not save them. It has made it a terrible thing to speak about Jesus Christ as a Savior. It has taken marriage from a beautiful gift of a man and a woman as given by God to a terrible thing of nothing more than sex and feelings between two people, no matter what the sex, that has nothing to do with being a gift from God. It has made the life of the unborn a non-issue because it claims the unborn child is not a human and can be killed at anytime before he/she is born.

Sin. It has destroyed our union.

There is one thing I can say. Christ Jesus has come to give forgiveness, life and salvation to sinners such you, me, Pres. Obama and all other people. That message of hope and life is given to all who believe in the name of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And it is only when Christ is at the heart and center of the individual that any hope is given.

Our union will always be a mess. Always. It will have good times and bad times. There will great moments and horrendous moments. It will be that way until the Lord returns. As a Christian, we should do what we can to correct the problems, the terrors of this nation. But know this, when you correct one, sin will find another two ways to destroy people, their lives and our union. It will always be that way until the Lord returns.


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