Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1st

Hello February. It is good to see you. With your arrival, that means that January has slipped into the history books. January was very nice to us this year. There were a few moments we thought that she might get upset and treat us poorly. I know she did that to some people. Out East, they are still digging out of her fury. But here in Troy, we say good bye to January without having suffering much at all.

So February, what are you going to bring us? You are coming in like a lamb, does that mean...wait, that is March, not February. So what shall we say about you, February? You remind us of love.
There will be hearts, candy and flowers. There will proclamations of love. What a lovely sentiment. But wait, the love that is proclaimed needs a deeper love to make it truly last - it needs the love of Christ. Remind us of that when we get ready to buy the flowers or the candy. Put in our minds the reality that we need this love we are proclaiming to be based in a love that never fails, the love of God our Father. He loved us so much, that even while we were sinners, people who didn't love Him or want anything to do with Him, He still loved us.
He continues to love us even when we forget Him, don't talk to Him, avoid Him week after week, refuse to listen to His voice or follow Him in our lives. He loves us even when the only time we call on Him in when we are in need or when we stub our toe on the dresser. He loves us even we get angry with Him, yell at Him, curse Him and ignore Him when something terrible happens in our lives. He loves us!

February, remind us that His love is to be what guides our love, our proclamation of love and our gifting that shows our love. So when we say, "I love you" to that special person, it will be with a depth that really means something. February, help us to have that type of love.

As we wander through your days, February, what will you bring to us? Snow? Cold? Ice? Warmth? Rain? Sunshine?
Will you give us that which make us grumble? Or will you bring us that which makes us happy? Wait a moment, whatever you bring us, we should remember to give thank and celebrate the wonder of each day and each thing that happens. Each day is a gift given to us and what we do with that gift is up to us and our attitude.

So February, it isn't up to you to make us happy. It isn't your fault if we are sad. Those emotions lie within us. You might trigger those emotions but we sure don't have to follow them. When the sorrow over the weather of your days comes to us, remind us that we have never lived that day before and we should make the most of it, no matter what type of day it is.

Yes, welcome February. It is good to see you. And thank you, for a special gift. You give us an extra day this year. Thank you for that special 29th day. Help us to make the most of not only that day, but each day you bring us.

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