Friday, February 26, 2016

Taking the Detour

It was ironic that on Wednesday, because of the bad weather in the morning, with school cancelled and wondering about the evening service, I decided to make a change in the sermon from one that spoke of the body of Christ being together, traveling together on the Journey to the Tomb to one that themed at "Detour Ahead." We learned that on the Journey to the Tomb, there are many detours in our lives. I wrote the sermon, prepared the power point and got ready for leading worship. Ate supper, helped Penny clean things up, got ready to sit down to a piece of homemade cherry pie (with cherries we picked in the summer) and the phone rang.

Detour ahead! I should have known that answering that call would lead to a detour. But I didn't think of that at the moment. It was the cardiologist's nurse. We talked about the emails I sent about the pains returning. Hoping beyond hope, I thought that she would say that the doctor was changing the medication around to try a new combination. But no, detour ahead.

The doctor thinks that he should take a look to see why things changed in the heart, she says. Take a look? I asked. Yes, he thinks he should do a cath to check and see what is going on in the heart, she answers. Really? You are telling me this now, only an hour before service begins? I think. If we can get you scheduled for Friday, do you think you could do that? she asks.

Detour ahead! A major detour ahead. The road is closed. There is another road to take. You can't go the way that you were planning. Your Journey is taking a different direction.

Leading worship Wednesday evening was an experience. Detour ahead I tell the congregation. When there is a detour, God will recalculate your Journey. He will work good in all things according to His loving will. Trust in the Lord. Don't trust in yourself when those detours come, and they will. Looking at Penny as the sermon closes, Detour ahead, God will recalculate and will continue with you on the Journey. No truer words were spoken in a sermon.

Detour ahead  What is the detour you are facing? Know this - the Lord is with you. While you might not have planned the detour, God knows. He cares. He is with you on the detour. He is already recalculating your Journey. Enjoy the Journey. With the Lord, it is really an amazing trip!

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