Sunday, October 30, 2016


People are mean. Truly they are. Give people the opportunity to express themselves in a relatively "safe" environment, and they will begin to bludgeon others to death. Wait and see what happens after folks get up this morning (Sunday) and see that the Chicago Cubs lost to the Cleveland Indians last night, giving the Indians a 3-1 advantage in the World Series. There will be plenty of mean things said. Twitter will be alive with meanness. Facebook will be covered with folks saying mean things.

Oh sure, it will all be in "good fun." But when does being mean come under the umbrella of "fun"? What do we say to our kids in school when that bully starts to be mean to them, saying unkind things and then says, "JK." (JK mean just joking.) When the bully is faced with actions, he/she will say, "I was just joking. Can't a guy/gal just have a little fun?" Do we say to our kids, "Well, he/she was just kidding. No harm, no foul."? Of course not. We get upset with the person who is saying the mean things.

Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media have really made it possible for us to say unkind things, even mean things, and couch them in anonymity. We can say them and move on, leaving behind a mass of hurt feelings, much like a boat that goes through the lake, leaving a wake behind, which no one is really aware of until it causes them some problem.

Words hurt. Even when they are said "out of fun." I would challenge folks to watch what they say to one another and how they say it. I find myself struggling to not return meanness for meanness, to return bitter words for bitter words, to speak unkind things when unkind things are said. Only with the help of the Spirit is it possible to overcome such challenging times.

I have read these words many times and still struggle to follow them. "And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." (Colossians 3:17 ESV)

Lord, may the words of my mouth give glory to you. If I hurt someone with what I say, please forgive me and give me the opportunity to work to heal the hurt feelings of the other person. Help me never to forget that the person I am talking to, or writing to, is Your child too. I should speak to them as I would speak to You. If I would not say it to You, help me hold my tongue or fingers that I may not say or write it others. Amen.

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