Monday, October 24, 2016

Really random, possible even offensive. Focus is on Christ!

I begin today, unsure of where I am going. I guess that doesn't sound quite right. I know where I am going, ultimately. I am going to heaven. I am certain of that. Absolutely certain. Through Jesus Christ, and Him alone, I am certain that I am going to heaven. He is my Lord and Savior and there is no other place of hope and life. So like Paul I can say, "The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom." (2 Timothy 4:18a ESV) Certainty. There is nothing in this world that can shake that certainty, no sickness, no pain, no loss. All is sanctified by Christ.

So when I say I am unsure of where I am going, I mean with this blog. I feel the need to write but am not sure about what. I could get political. But that doesn't seem like the direction to go. Politics, after all, is that area that one is not supposed to talk about with family and friends. It might cause offense. So it causes offense, what happens? Do family members quit talking to each other because of opposite political views? Does an argument break out, such as hasn't been seen since the Hatfields and McCoys? Will family members stop visiting each other? Unfortunately, yes. That is what happens. Instead of seeing that one can have opposing views and still remain in a loving relationship, we allow such things as political views to polarize families and friendships. If, and that is always a big IF, family gets together again, there is a tension because one is afraid to say something because it might upset another. So there is an elephant in the room, often so big that folks cannot get around it. Tension. Hard feelings. All because of opposing political views. Really? We allow that to happen? Satan is laughing! He rejoices that he has had the hand in tearing families apart, destroying love and relationship. For what? Nothing. Your view, my view, is not going to change the politics of the world today. You being upset with me, me being upset with you, will not change who is elected, how they govern, the laws that are passed. It just makes each of us miserable or arrogant or whatever. It is a sad thing.

Being offended, that is the name of the game today. Someone says something, and we get offended. What happens if you or I get offended. In reality, nothing. Nothing at all. Unfortunately, we have gotten to the point that when someone says something that offends me, then that person is wrong and needs to be censored or punished. People lose jobs because someone was offended by what they did or didn't do, what they said or didn't say. Really? So a company is robbed of a good employee that gets the job done because someone is offended that he or she doesn't accept the gay lifestyle or is a Christian or drinks the wrong beer or wears the wrong clothes or says the wrong thing? Is this right? In our society today, yes. In reality? No. It is selfishness on my part to think that what I feel, offended at that action, should destroy that person's life. Why? Because it is me! And if I am offended, then everyone should be offended and that person should be punished. Why? I don't know. I just think it should be that way. So do it!

What is this all about? We live in a sinful, selfish world that is moving further and further from living in the love of Christ. Christ is seen as irrelevant or extreme and we must stop all talk of Him or even trying to live like Him. Why? Sin. Sinful people don't want Christ. They don't want His love. They don't want His "rules." They want to live their own life in their own way. That's OK. If that is what people want. I don't want that for them. Because to live apart from Christ is to live in such a way that you will never enter into heaven. Extreme thought! Yes. Accepted by society? No. Offensive? Yes. Will I change? No. I want all people to know Christ, to love Him, to be saved by Him. Why? Because I love them in Christ. I love them in Christ! And Christ came to save all people, even as we do not know that we need to be saved.

All right, so that is where I ended up going today. I wasnt' sure where I was going. So here I am.

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