Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Weekday Parable.

Tuesday morning is a blessing to each one of us. It is a day that follows the dreaded Monday. How would you like to be Monday? No one likes you. People talk bad about you week after week. People dread seeing you. Except, except when you are a holiday like President's Day, when many people have the day off work and school. Then suddenly you are loved. People like you. They rejoice to see you.

Then your cousin, Tuesday, becomes the hated one. After a long weekend (3 days for some, 4-5 days for others) Tuesday becomes the bad one. Tuesday causes people to grumble. And as Monday, you smile. You sit back, enjoy the cup of coffee and rejoice that you aren't so hated for just one week.

Imagine you are Tuesday. You wonder why people suddenly don't like you. Some grumble about you. Others talk poorly about you. Others just downright hate you. What did you do to deserve this treatment? The only answer you can give is "nothing." You did nothing at all. You showed up, just like you do each week. You expect to be greeted like always and you aren't. It hurts, deeply.

At that moment, you realize what your cousin Thursday must go through week after week. By no fault of his own, he is not liked. He is the day before Friday. The day that stands in the way of the end of the week. He is a day that no one really thinks about other than, I wish this day was over." He is a day that is endured. You have been accepted because you are Tuesday. Thursday is put up with because he is not quite Friday. No one really like him.

So there you are. What will you do with that knowledge? Will you rejoice when next week you go back to being the lovable Tuesday? Will you forget about how much people despise Monday because it is Monday? Will you turn a blind eye to the despair that Thursday feels because it is not Friday?

Or will you change your thinking and begin to reach out to Monday in support and encouragement.? Will you give a good word to Thursday, a word of support? Yes, what will you do when this week is over?

Yes, Tuesday is a blessing to us all. As is Monday and Thursday. Each day is different. Each day is special. Each day should be accepted and supported. Yes, Tuesday is here. Welcome Tuesday. Thanks for showing up.

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