Monday, April 2, 2012

A Blue Cross

It was just announced today that the LC-MS is changing the color of the logo cross from burgundy to blue. What's the big deal? Really there isn't a big deal. It is just a logo, a "brand" as it is called. It can be blue, pink, burgundy, black, etc. It doesn't really matter.

But it ticks me off. Why? Because I feel that the current administration is going to do what it wants, when it wants and we just have to live with it. Don't like the color of the cross? Spend several million over the next few years to change it because the leadership wants it. Change the names of the church calendar. Change the worship of the LCMS. Why? Because the leadership wants it that way. And they are "good ole boys" that would never lead us wrong. They know what is best for us in our lives and we just better follow along and be happy about it.

And if you complain, we will point to "adiaphora" and say, "It just doesn't matter. Don't get upset. Just live with it." When someone on the other side (politically speaking) tries to make a change, it is no longer adiaphora but doctrine and can't be done. Don't question us. We are conservative and confessional and if you question us, then you are liberal and non-confessional.

Is that truth? Probably not. But it sure comes out that way. I know, you will say that I am just ranting and there is no basis to my writing. Except when I was putting joint services together, they needed to be checked by my "confessional" brothers. When the "confessional" brothers put the service together I was told, "Don't worry about it. You don't need to check it because I am doing it." Arrogance? Yes. And that arrogance is shown over and over again when things like this logo change takes place.

What congregations had the chance to view it and see if they thought it was good idea? What pastors? The inner circle? Those that they knew would accept whatever the Bishop of the Synod said? Sorry, but we all can get things passed if we go to our friends and those who are in our pocket. The challenge is to go into the "other" camps and win them to your side.

I am ranting. I am upset. I feel that our current administration is going to do what it wants to move us in a certain direction. It is ultra-conservative, hyper-confessional and I don't like it. Interesting how the change comes out during Holy Week, when most of us pastors and many laity are so busy with extra services, sermons, etc. that there is no real time to do anything. Welcome to the politics of our leadership.

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