Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dust Clears

It has been 2 days since the announcement that the LCMS is changing its "brand" in the corporate world. And the dust has cleared. Many who were upset by it have gone on with their lives - including myself. I can only imagine that was the hope of those who brought about the change. There will be an outcry at first, but then people will get tired of the talk, will go on with their lives and we can do what we want anyway. Do it during Holy Week, and even those who are upset by the actions of the powers that be, will not have time to do anything about it. And by the time they recover from Holy Week, they will be told it is too late to stop it because things have been put into motion, so just live with it.

Does the color of the "brand" make a difference? Nope. Not at all. There is personal preference by each one of us. I prefer the burgundy. Why? I think it looks more regal and stands out better. I am a fan of the color blue. Its my favorite color. Yet I think it looks weak and "soft" as the color of our "brand."

What's up with this "brand" stuff? We are told over and over again by our confessional brothers and sisters that the church is not a corporation as the world knows it. We are not to run things like a business but as the church. Every time one of the less-than-confessional brothers or sisters says something about the way the church works, it is immediately said, "The Church does not work as the world works. It is the Church." But when it is for something that is desired, suddenly we are the corporate world once again. We use the language. We use the ideas. We act just like them. Except I think that the corporate world would not have acted so brashly and brought out a change like this without more "study," etc.

I go back to the arrogance factor. "We want it. You can't stop us. And if you try, we tell you that it is adiaphora and it doesn't matter anyway. So let it be and let us go on doing what we want." It happens whoever is in power. It disgusts me when either side do it. When the last administration was in power, if they would have tried this, I can only imagine the outcry by the current group in power.

Oh well, not much we can do about it. It is a done deal. Rant all you want Mitch, but it won't change a thing. Live with it. Years from now, we will wonder why anyone even got upset. After all, it is only a color change. It will only cost a few bucks, not millions. The money could have been better used for other purposes like vestments or incense. Live with it. The current movement is firmly in place. Be upset with it - sure. But you are only one person who will not be able to stop the juggernaut that is rolling along.

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  1. You mention an arrogance being done and that this is done without study and consideration and as if this had been merely overnight. There are people who have been working and studying this for a year+ and a great deal of consideration was spent. As far as "branding" and the church not operating as a corporation, I wonder if you are comparing apples to apples. Are those who say the church does not operate as a corporation speaking on issues that involve corporate synod or speaking about congregations and the mercy works of synod? Without specific examples these thoughts seem like broad strokes at best....