Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Sunny Tuesday

"Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy..." John Denver sang that song and we often cringe when we hear it today. But boy does that sunshine feel good. The sunshine and the warm temps all point us to late spring. We are so ready to be done with the cool weather. Have you found yourself promising to not complain when it gets hot. I have. I also know that I will complain. The heat will become overbearing and I will long for the coolness of fall. I guess you could say, we are never happy. If it is cloudy, we want sun. If it is sunny and dry, we want rain and so on.

How in the world does God put up with us? We whine. We complain. We moan and groan about the way things are. If it is sunny, we complain about the sun in our eyes when we are trying to drive. You know the routine. Like Israel, we are chronic complainers. When God gives us food to eat, we complain there isn't enough variety. When He gives us clothes to wear, we complain because we are bored with our clothes (they aren't wearing out fast enough)> How, O Lord, can You put up with the likes of me?

That is where the grace and mercy of God comes into play. His love for us isn't based on our worthiness, whether or not we complain too much or too little, whether or not we are content with our lot in life. His love is based upon, well, Himself. That's right. No works here. No glory given to me and my kind. All glory goes to God for His love for me. I could have a really "good" day in my eyes and I am still a sinner, lost in my sinful deeds. I could have a really "bad" day, focusing upon myself and what I want and how I want to act apart from the law of God, and He will still love me. All I can say to that is "WOW!" What an amazing God He truly is.

He loves you and me, based solely and completely on His Son Jesus Christ. Christ took our place under the law. He gave Himself for us and our salvation. He is the sacrifice for us to  pay for all that we are unable to pay even ion our best days. Thanks be to God! His love is based in His Son Jesus Christ. There is no better, truer or safer place for His love to be based. Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus, can my heartfelt longing cure.

Thank You God, for Your love in Christ Jesus. Thank You for caring for me day in and day out. Help me to live in that love and to rejoice at the wonder of life You have given me - life here on earth and life also in heart.

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