Sunday, December 18, 2016

Recipe for a Savior Day # 18


Day # 18

Luke 1:41 And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

            As we enter this last week of Advent, we begin the countdown to Christmas. We look forward to the joyous times that will take place when we get together with our family. It won’t be long before you and the family will pile into the car, head for the airport and fly off to visit family in another state. They will be excited. You will be excited. You know that there will be the great reunion at the airport or at the door of the house as you all see each other. Your heart leaps with joy. What a grand time it is going to be as you spend the holiday with family.

            Mary left Nazareth to visit her relative Elizabeth. They didn’t have the technology which we have so she could not call ahead or text her to let her know that she was coming. In fact, it was only at the words of the angel Gabriel that Mary sets off for Elizabeth’s house. (Read more about this in Luke 1.) So when Mary knocks on the door and calls out to Elizabeth, there is sheer joy. “Elizabeth!” Mary calls. At that moment, we see that the Lord has been putting A Recipe for a Savior together in an amazing fashion. Elizabeth cries out with joy. More than that, her baby son to be born, is leaping with joy! Yes, he hears Mary’s voice and filled with the Holy Spirit, leaps for joy. He is 6 months old by now. In the years to come, this baby, a part of A Recipe for a Savior, will be the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Here, at this joyous time, he is already proclaiming the wonder of the Savior whom he has never met.

            Joyous times! That is the Advent and Christmas seasons for us. We celebrate the coming of the Savior. Our hearts leap for joy at the mention of His name. Soon, very soon, A Recipe for a Savior will be complete. For now, enjoy the joyous times.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, You filled the hearts of Elizabeth and John at the coming of the Savior. Please fill our hearts with that same joy as we hear the voice of our Savior. Amen.

Deeper Thought: What are the most joyous memories you have the Advent/Christmas seasons? What made them so joyous? What is standing in the way of joyous times in your life today?


  1. Going to Grandma 👵 house for Christmas 🎄 was always fun!
    With finances being very tight it's difficult to keep up the happiness of Christmas!
    Knowing the reason of the season and knowing that it's not about gifts 🎁 rather it's about being together and celebrating Life! I still hate not being able to afford extra gifts!

  2. Michael, that is the frustration. But remember, you bring your love and yourself to give to the family. That is better than any gift (thought kids have a hard time realizing this).