Saturday, August 1, 2009

I couldn't believe it

We were given tickets to attend the Thursday evening game at Busch stadium, a game between the Cardinals and the Dodgers. I can't say that it was all that exciting - me being a Cub fan and all. Besides, it was a slow game, at least through the 7th evening. Not much action. But that isn't what I was thinking about.

I was surprised at the greeting that the Card fans gave to Manny Ramirez (probably spelled wrong, sorry). I am not a big Manny fan, guess I am not into the long hair and the attitude. He is a good ball player. But that day it was announced that he was named in the 2003 steroid scandal. Ooh, that is terrible. So every time that he was announced the crowd would boo him. I just sat there in surprise because I could not see the need to boo a man for that which took place in 2003. Yes I know that is the year that the Red Sox beat the Cards in the World Series. they are now able to blame their loss on the steroids instead of not playing up to their potential. Why not just admit that the Sox outplayed them? Guess that is too much to ask.

But as I sat there and listened to that booing, I thought to myself, "Why? Why boo Manny? Is he really that bad? Is it really something worth booing?" Before you answer that, give this some thought.

The very men who are booing someone for using performance enhancing drugs will turn around and drink alcohol in order to make themselves feel much stronger, more important and uninhibited. They will turn around and use Cialisor Viagra in order to enhance their "performance" in the bedroom. The woman will have breast implants in order to encourage the men to pay attention to them. There will be drugs used to make the "work" better and smarter at the office. There will be various types of drugs to help them work faster and longer. Truck drivers will take those little bottles of energy stimulants in order to drive farther than they should.

It is wrong for Manny but not for them. He should be "clean" while they can do whatever they can to "enhance" their life or performance. Talk about hypocritical. Why not boo themselves? Why not say that since Manny is wrong, they are too? Oh wait, we can't do that. Manny should be above that - not them.

I am not one that goes for that performance enhancement, no matter if it is on the ball field, the boardroom or the bedroom. It is wrong. Wrong on the ball field for Manny and for Big Mac. Wrong for the truck driver, the secretary, the office worker, the CEO, the pastor and whoever it might be.

Let's not boo Manny. Instead, let's just work at making the world right instead of continuing to tear it apart.

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  1. We all need to look in the mirror first to boo someone