Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why? Oh, Why?

Why do we do that to ourselves? What is that, you ask. That is a good question. This evening we had the pleasure (yes it was a pleasure) to get together with the Youth from St. Paul's for an evening of softball at the park. The parents (and older folks) played against the youth. And if you ask us older folks, we won! Yes, we won! The score might not reflect that we won but the reality is we didn't get hurt, we retired the youth in each inning. We scored a few runs. So in the end, we feel as though we won. Hurrah for us oldsters! Let's hear it. Three cheers! Hip hip, hurrah! Hip, hip, hurrah! Hip, hip, hurrah!

Now we are at home taking our pain meds and wondering to ourselves, was it really worth it. My knees ache. Boy do they ache. Makes it hard to get up once I am sitting down. To get up the stairs is a challenge. And I wonder, why did I play the game like I did?

It is because I love the youth. Yes, I love them. I want the best for them. I want to help them to realize that fun can be had without the aid of drugs or alcohol. I want them to know that we oldsters will do whatever we can to help them to grow in life, to mature in thought and to enjoy life in any way. Jesus came to give life. To live in Him is to have a full, fun life. And that includes getting out there on the ball field and hit the ball, catch the ball, field the ball and take the pain meds when we get home.

Why would we do that to ourselves? For the sake of our youth. It is all about being with them, helping them and loving them. Thanks youth for letting us play. And you are well worth every moment we were out there and you are worth much more than that!

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