Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Begins

I love it when school is back in session. Some parents love it because the kids are back in school and are not sitting around the house getting bored, wondering what to do and bugging mom and dad to go to Bobby's for ice cream. All right, the last one isn't so hard to put up with, unless you eat Bobby's too often, then it takes a couple extra miles a day in order to lose the calories that were gained.

I love it when school begins because then the kids are back around the church and school. I miss them. I am always ready to have summer begin but I am just as ready to get back in the swing of things. I miss the kids. I love to see their smiling faces, to hear them say, "Pastor" and then give me a hug or a high five. There is nothing better than to have the preschool children gather around you and tell you their names. That must have been what set Jesus' heart jump with joy when the little children crawled up on His lap. I can just imagine the smile on His face, the joy in His eyes and the laugh in His voice. I can only wish that I could have been one of those children crawling up on His lap.

So they are back. The Kindergarten class has a goodly number - 9. That is so cool to see. Mrs. Thomas is a wonderful kindergarten teacher. She has such a loving way about her and I can see why she is good in that class. the 1/2nd graders are quite the group. Miss Gieseking is our new teacher and she has such an excitement about her. I think the kids will learn a lot and i feel that she is bringing something special to our school. Mrs. Tschudy in 3/4 grade has a small group, which will present challenges all its own, does a great job. Already they have memory work and are doing word problems. I love to read those problems (and sometimes I can even solve them). Mrs. Doyle in 5/6 grade finally has some girls in her class. That ought to bring some difference into the classroom after a year of nothing but boys. They are great bunch and Mrs. Doyle is a wonderful teacher and caring principal. And Mrs. Aebel has moved back to 7/8 grade. You can feel the excitement in her classroom. I am excited to be working with her in the class and I look forward to teaching the confirmation class.

I am so happy to be back in school. I would have liked a longer summer. Why? Because I would have. No real reason. Having said that I would like to tell you - welcome back to school! I love being back and the routine has returned. What a joy. And Jesus, please give us powerful, wonderful year where we are able to take the message of Christ to the children and to their children. And may our staff be blessed by each other and bless our families and students.

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