Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sick and tired

Why is it that when the homosexual community wants to bring about same sex marriage (though they are a minority), it is all right to be vocal and cause problems for those who are not supportive of same sex marriage (see what happened in California when the vote didn't go their way) and when those who are against the health care reform bill and speak up about it in a vocal way (same as the homosexual community), they are called a vocal minority and shouldn't be listened to? I really am getting frustrated with this whole debate.

The real issue is that it doesn't matter if you are republican or democrat, if you support this health care reform bill you better worry about getting re-elected. No one argues that health care needs to be reformed. But the bill that is put forward is a shame. It is socialism. It is giving our care to the government just like Canada and the United Kingdom. Go to either of those countries and you will find that government run health care doesn't work.

As far as the "death panels," what the liberal media wants us to believe is that a living will is the same thing as a panel of people who decide if you should have care or not. They are two different things. One decides for the individual what he/she wants to do in the case of extreme measures of life - ventilator, heart machine, etc. (living will). The panel will decide if you are eligible for the care or not, based on age, chance of survival, sickness, etc. We should not put forward to anyone the opportunity to decide who should have care and who shouldn't.

If you are put a 20 year old against an 80 year old, and have to decide who gets the treatment, the decision might be interesting. Of course we would say the 20 year old should get the treatment and the 80 year old should make the best of it. But would it not be better to say, both of them should receive that treatment - no matter how old they are. Life is life. Who decides who lives and who dies. But the panel won't say who dies. They will just decide who gets the care and who doesn't. If you die because you didn't get the care, that isn't the panel's fault. It just happens. Baloney. That is deciding who is to live and who isn't. Let's call a spade a spade and not try to hide behind words.

What is the problem? The real issue is who is in control of life? Man or God? This health care reform bill is saying that they should have control over life not God. This health care reform takes life out of God's hands. In the end, the whole thing deals with faith, trust and belief in the sovereignty of God. We are seeing what happens when faith in God no longer guides our actions. Lies, deceit and a desire to take over from God becomes the way that things are done. No longer does truth and God's will rule the day. Instead, selfish ambition, pride, self interest, and other sinful actions takes control.

In all that we do, let's move get one thing straight - we need to return to a life that is guided by the Lord and by His Word. Period. No matter where you fall on this issue, look at your life and see where you are in following God.

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