Monday, August 16, 2010

The Heat Breaks

Can you believe it? The heat has broken!!! We slept with the window open last night and the AC turned off. This morning as I sat on the front porch to do my morning readings, I was comfortable. I listened to the bugs making their comforting summer sounds, watched the light clouds move across the awakening skies and rejoiced! I thanked the Lord for the wonder of a new day, a day when the heat was not oppressive and the humidity was down and the dew point was bearable. This has been a good old-fashioned summer.

As I walked through the summer, I thought back on the years gone by, the time before air conditioning. When I was a child, we didn't have the AC. I remember Mom and Pop getting a window unit for their room. Pop was an engineer on the B & O (for those who don't know what that is, it was a railroad called the Baltimore & Ohio. You can still find it on the Monopoly board.) He needed the cool air to rest when he came in from the road. I can remember some nights being so hot that I would go down the hallway to their door and lay in front of it, just to get a little of that cool air that would come under the door.

How things have changed. Now we go from our air-conditioned house to our air-conditioned cars to the air-conditioned stores or offices. We complain about it being too cold! Can you imagine? The heat is unbearable and we complain about it being too cold. What strange people we are.

The point of all this? There really isn't much of a point. Just a thought back across time to the present age and the differences that we face. Enjoy the day. Revel in the cool weather. And don't forget to thank the Lord for the wonders of today.

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  1. Being in Africa I am ALWAYS grateful for my AC units! We always say an extra prayer for the person who invented it, this his/her decadents be really blessed! :) ha!