Monday, July 20, 2009

40 years and counting

Looking up at the moon on this day, July 29, 2009, I think back on what took place. It was 40 years ago, at this moment, when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon. I can remember sitting with Mom and Pop and my brothers, watching the black and white TV as he stepped from the pad of the LEM to the surface of the moon. What could it have been like. Standing outside, looking up at the moon, I wonder, what would it have been like to have been one of those men who stepped out onto the moon. What would have gone through your mind?

I think I would be have been excited - and scared. Leaving the security of the Command Module to go into the LEM, would have been overwhelming. Floating around the moon in the Command by yourself would have been such that I would have been overwhelmed and terrified. 200,000 miles from the earth, in the command module, all by yourself. WOW! I watch the movie "Moonshot" and I am overwhelmed. I am in awe.

And the one thing that I think about when I marvel at the event, is this thought - even on the moon, in the command module, in the wide open expanse of space, God is right there. While Michael Collins was alone in that command module, he was not alone. God was with him. When Buzz and Neil walked on the moon, God was with them. We are never alone. God tells us, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." (Heb. 13:5 NIV) Never, where ever you are, on earth, the moon, in a command module or driving in your car, the Lord is with you. He holds you in His hands. He will be with you in all that you do and where you go.

WOW! On the moon - God is there. Soaring through the heavens - God is there. Sitting in your living room - God is there. Going down the road - God is there. 40 years ago we were taught that very fact - God is there!

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