Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It is amazing the difference one night can make. Last night, when the All Star Game was taking place 20 miles from here in St. Louis, it was a beautiful night. The temperature was cool and the humidity was down. The stars were shining - both in the sky and on the field. It bums me out that the Junior League won again. It was NOT a typical night in the metro area.

Then there is tonight. It is as different as the Cubs and the Cards. (BTW - think Cubs awesome, Cards not so awesome.) As cool as it was last night is is hot tonight. As low as the humidity was last night is is humid tonight. The air tonight is so heavy that if your legs are not strong enough you would find yourself crawling through the grass. You don't have to move to break out in a sweat (I now understand the different between "wet" heat and the "dry" heat). We spent a few days in Sacramento with triple digit temps and a dry heat and you could sit in the shade and not break into a sweat. Tonight, you have to push hard on the screen door just to get it to open. Welcome to St. Louis and the metro area summer.

What will tomorrow be like? Listening to the weather, it is supposed to get cool and have below average temps. What happened to global warming? How can it be getting hotter in the world and yet cool air hits the area? I don't understand. Oops. I have digressed into another topic. As you can guess, I am not one who buys into the global warming threats. I think that...better not go there because someone might just be upset and come after me. (If you are coming after me, I am in the north part of southern Alabama, next to Louisiana and halfway to California. Good luck finding me.)

Back to the humidity. I enjoy it. Kinda. I hate it. Kinda. It feels like summer. It isn't summer without the humidity. So many people complain about the heat and humidity but it isn't summer in the Mississippi River Valley without it. Plus, we will really appreciate it when the heat breaks and the humidity drops. We look forward to it and we revel in it when it happens.

So excuse me, I think I want to step outside and break out in a sweat. Really, I am going to do it. I am on my way. OK, I guess I will stay in the AC and avoid that sticky feeling.

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