Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thinking back

I look at the pictures and remember our trip out west. We picked the pictures up for the 1st 3rd of the trip. As i looked at the pictures, it came to me how quickly you travel when you are on a train. We were leaving Chicago and the next set of pictures show us arriving in Milwaukee. Soon we are moving Wisconsin, and before you know it, it was the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Night came and we woke up in North Dakota. It was amazing to think that we were sitting in the train, watching the world go by and traveling hundreds of miles. It was 700 miles across Montana! Imagine that - over 700 miles! And all we did was sit there.

I enjoyed that trip. I think about over and over again. I will think about what happened. Look at the pictures and remember the joy of it. If you haven't taken a train trip, you ought to. And if you really need a guide to help you on the trip, let me know because I would do it again in a heartbeat. The biggest problem is the cost of it. That is the way of all trips.

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