Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aching knees

Well here it is Sunday evening. It was a good weekend. The wedding rehearsal on Friday night was good and it was fun being with the Schlemer and McLaughlin families. Saturday we had the Men's Breakfast with a good turn out. It is such a good time to sit and visit with the men of the congregation. It helps to talk with those men. Makes one feel like he is normal. What a great bunch of guys. If you haven't had a chance to attend - it is the 2nd Saturday of the month at 6:30 am. Then the wedding in the afternoon, and it went well. It came off with a hitch - the couple was brought together by the power of the Lord, showing them what true love is all about. The service Saturday evening was inspiring. We installed the new officers for the year. Sunday morning was good. The bible class went well. We discussed the Lord's Supper and the practice of closed communion. As always, it caused a little controversy among the people. Then we had a really good worship service. We had a baptism of Jonathon York, which is always a moving experience.

Think about it, that little baby is now a child of God, one who is going to heaven. How is that possible? It was only a little bit of water and a few words spoken. That makes no sense to the human mind. But it isn't about what we think. It is about what God does. In the waters of baptism, the Holy Spirit works faith in the heart of the child. Peter writes, "Baptism now saves you." Can that little baby believe? Yes! Because the Lord has promised it. The Spirit has done it. And now, Jonathan William York is a child of God, believing in Jesus as his Savior, forgiven of his sins. Does that mean all that needs to be done for him is done? No, his parents now have the task of raising him in that faith. They need to show him Jesus as the Savior, help him to hold firm to that faith, bringing him to worship, Sunday school, and teaching him to pray.

Then we got ready for the water balloon fight. We started filling the balloons around 1:00. By 2:00 we had 500 of them filled. Thanks Penny, Matthew and Hannah Meyer. But then, the storm came up. It started to rain, the winds blew, and the lightning crashed. What will we do? Head into the gym of course. Volleyball ensued. (All right, so it wasn't immediate. We had to set up the net. The youth knew how to set the poles and then the hunt was on - we had to find the net. Where could it be? I know it was here a few weeks ago. Looking, looking, hunting, where is it? Then we found it in the back closet. What was it doing there?) And off we went. boys against girls - we rock! We won 2 in a row. Break time and then new teams. We played two more games (my team rocked! 2 wins again!). Break time and a final round. 2 more games - and guess what, the team i was on was only able to win 1 of those. What a great night. Thanks to all the youth who were there!

But my knees are aching tonight. I hadn't played volleyball for quite some time. Following that knee surgery last October and I can't move like I used to. And so I take my Aleve, sit here and wonder, will I be able to get up the stairs? Yes I will. And tomorrow will be another day.

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