Monday, July 13, 2009

Thoughts on Music

There are many different types of music - country, classical, rock (classic, metal, hard, light) and of course, that one type that is debatable that it is actually music, rap. As you can tell I am no fan of rap music. I am not even sure if it can be called music (now all those who like rap can leave a comment on what they think about that statement). I have seen too much of the gangster lingo and life in rap music to give it credence. It demeans women, other people, and makes sex into something sick and sadistic. I guess i have some real feelings about that genre of music.

Music is up to the individual. Some like country. Some love classical. Some like pop. Others are into classic rock or light rock. And of course, there are the metal heads. You can find what you like in music. (Of course there are a whole host of other types as well. I just didn't feel like touching on Indie, polka and the like.) I was thinking about this tonight as I talked with Penny's cousin Bill. He is a rocker from years gone by. And talking with him made me think of a lot of different music.

Most specifically it made me think of the music I really enjoy. It is as varied as the day. It all depends on my mood as to what I like to listen to. Let me tell you, I really enjoy classic rock, but some of the modern jam bands have attracted my attention too.

Then I do enjoy some of the Christian rock groups. If you haven't listened to Audio Adrenaline, you should. Listening to DC-10 really opens one's eyes as to what might happen (reminds me of what happened to a young man from Ferrin who lost his life in an auto accident at 27.) I have really grown to like Casting Crowns, though at first I wasn't sold on them. The more I have listened to them, the better they seem to become, or at least the more I like them. Then for those of you who like a little harder music, listen to Kutless. They are hard driving rockers with a solid message of life in Christ. I have been introduced to many of these groups at the National Lutheran Youth Gatherings. What a wonderful opportunity our youth will have to hear some of the class acts as well as some up-and-coming acts when they attend "We Believe" in New Orleans in 2010.

Where am I going with this? Enjoy the music you enjoy. Listen to it. But remember to not let the non-Christian message of many of the secular groups influence you and your life. One group that I cannot listen to (at least one specific album) is Pink Floyd. When I was in college, I couldn't listen to "The Wall" for it would cause me to go into a deep depression that wasn't pretty. Penny ended up throwing that album away. She didn't ask. She just did it. That was wise of her. Penny and the kids still won't let me watch "The Wall" when it comes on one of the movie channels. It only goes to show that you need others around you to help you, for Satan can use something so small as a song or a musical group to cause you deep problems in your life.

If you want to talk music sometime, let me know. Join me on Facebook. I love to talk music. You might even be surprised at the collection that I have acquired over the years. And yes, you will find music on when I am working, reading or just relaxing. Me and music - we go together. Thank You God, for creating music and putting a song in my heart.

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