Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I was reading and this popped up!

Pop ups. Don't they drive you crazy? You think you have your computer set up with enough different programs that you won't get any pop ups and BAM! there is one when you least expect it. It gets frustrating.

Pop ups happen for me when I am reading in the Bible. Pop ups are those moments when you are reading along and something just jumps out at you. It was there all along but you just had never seen it before. These pop ups are good.

I was in Psalm 12 today. Don't ask me why, I just was. And a verse struck me. Psalm 12:8 "The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men." (NIV) I was blown away when I read that verse. Was David really writing a couple thousand years ago or was he writing this just yesterday? Was he writing this about Israel or about the USA? I couldn't tell because we find that today we honor that which is vile.

Marriage is to be between a man and a woman - and we say it is all right to have same sex marriages. God looked upon homosexuality and was repulsed by it and yet we say it is an acceptable way of life. I have even heard it said that "God made me this way, therefore it must be all right." What? God made you in a way that He has forbidden? When did God change on this issue? Sin made you that way. In the same way that sin made the adulterer not God. Should the man who is extra horny say, "God made me horny so it is all right if I sleep around with a variety of women." Would we agree with that? Wait a minute, often society does say it is all right - look at the pornography industry. Search the Internet and see how many men and women expose themselves to the world, just to make a buck and to get their kicks. Is it right? No. Pornography is wrong. But we hold it up as something wonderful. Watch some of the "reality" shows on TV (i.e. The Girls Next Door - which glorifies the life with Hugh Hefner - all right, maybe I have the wrong name of the show, but you know which one I mean). It sounds just like what David has written, "The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men." Once it was a shameful thing to have anything to do with Playboy, only the perverts read it. Look at where we are now.

We strut about pushing abortion down people's throats. The new Supreme Court nominee won't say that abortion is wrong, because she will lose support. Then again, she doesn't believe it is wrong. She accepts it as a normal, acceptable thing to kill babies before they are born! What is up with that? How can anyone in their right mind say it is all right to kill a baby? It isn't.

Then again, the real problem isn't abortion. The real problem is a misuse and abuse of the wonderful gift of sexuality. God says keep the sexual relationship between one man and one women who are united in marriage. Abortion wouldn't even be an issue if we followed what God said. The married woman wouldn't need the abortion for the child created in an adulterous affair, if she was faithful to her husband. The teen wouldn't need an abortion if the two young people would wait till they are married to engage in sex. The young business woman wouldn't need an abortion if she wasn't out getting laid by some man she met in a bar the month before. We wouldn't even need the "morning after" pill - which is truly and abomination. All it is meant to do is to give people the freedom to strut about freely and honor that which is vile - the cheap sexual relationship that occurs when one gets horny enough to need it from someone new.

I am sorry for the soap box today. No, I am not. The pop up in Psalm 12 is what got me thinking. Why do we honor what is vile in the eyes of God and why do we call wicked that which is honorable in the eyes of God? Because we are sinful men and women. We live in a sinful world. And it is hard to follow the way of God. We must keep proclaiming the way of God, the Word of God and work to help one person at a time to follow the life that God has given to us, not the wickedness that Satan, the world and our sinful nature wish to follow.

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