Thursday, June 18, 2009


How many times have you heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? We raise our children to eat breakfast because we are told that children who eat breakfast do better in school. They are sharper, more in focus and better able to learn than those who don't eat breakfast. I was thinking about that when I was eating my sausage this morning. (I grilled last night, and when I grill sausage, I always do too many so that I will be able to have a sausage for breakfast the next couple mornings. I just love chorizo sausage. The spice just sits well on my taste buds.) And there sits my morning cup of joe (coffee) which I have to have even though I only drink a few swallows of it. That's OK, it is part of my morning.

That got me thinking about eating breakfast - eating a breakfast on the Word. How many times do we begin the day without being fed from God's Word? How often do we try to go through out day without having had a good breakfast of God's Word to start out day out? I fear that too many of us don't even think about having the Word for breakfast.

And then we wonder why our day doesn't go well. Why am I having trouble staying focused? Why do I give into temptation so easily? Why does it seem as though God is so far from me? Could it be that you haven't started the day with a good breakfast? Could it be that your soul is starving for something and you aren't feeding it?

It is good to start the day with the Word of God. Perhaps you could use the Portals of Prayer. Maybe you could have a Bible reading schedule. It isn't the amount of the Word, but what you do with it. There is a prayer in the liturgy that says that we "read, mark, learn and inwardly digest" the Word of God. I love that prayer because that is what we need to do. Read it - that is the beginning. Mark it - mark what is important for your walk of faith for the moment. Learn it - make sure that you don't just read it like the comics in the morning paper. Actually learn what it is saying to you. Inwardly digest it - take it to heart. Let it become a part of who you are and what you do.

Then go about your day, refreshed, ready to face whatever comes your way. Have you had a good breakfast today?

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