Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today's Wedding

I go to Bethlehem Lutheran, Ferrin, IL to preach at a wedding today. I am just the guest preacher, having known the bride since she was 5. My daughter and her are best friends and my daughter is the maid of honor. It is really strange seeing my daughter as maid of honor. How did she grow up so fast? I know, she isn't a kid anymore, hasn't been for years. But it is still a strange feeling. It won't be long and that will be her standing at the altar as the bride - 2 years from now, but still, it isn't that far away.

I will enjoy preaching today. I love to preach the Word. It is something that the Spirit has put in my heart. I don't even see it as work. It is just that which I am called to do. I love preaching. And it will be wonderful to present the Word at a wedding. It is the opportunity to put the true meaning of a marriage relationship out there in front of not only the bride and groom (who probably won't remember much of what I said, which is all right, they have the video) but before the many people who are there. Perhaps it will help someone who is struggling in their relationship to begin to get things back on track.

When I do a wedding, I love to have Penny there. (She is my wife if you don't know that.) It reminds me of the vows I made on the day we were married, 25 years ago on June 23rd. I lead the couple through the vows and it feels as though I am saying them to her all over again. I don't remember much of that day when we said "I do" but I have it brought to mind over and over again as I perform the variety of weddings over the years.

Next time you go to a wedding, use that as a time to renew your vows to your spouse. Listen to what is said, and put it into your heart and practice it in your life. Now, I am off to a wedding. Looks like it will be a good day.

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