Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Lutheran School

I had the pleasure today of going to the Science Center with the k-4 grade classes from St. Paul's Lutheran School here in Troy, IL. It was a fun time. I must say that I enjoy being with the kids. I don't know how anyone would be able to go about their days without being involved with children. Then again, I am not a teacher which means that I don't spend every day, all hours of the day with the children. But I do love being with the kids. Each day that I spend with them reminds me that it is important for us to be involved in their lives. We have so much to offer to them and they have so much to offer us. Each day that I see their smiling faces, hear their welcoem of "Pastor" and have them offer me hugs, I can't help but be lifted up. They give me such joy. I can't imagine being a pastor at a church that doesn't have a school.

There is a thought - what is education worth to you? More than that, what is good, Christian, Lutheran education worth? It costs to run a school. Many churches are struggling to keep their schools going because of several factors - salaries, benefits, general expenses and a sagging economy. The question needs to be asked - is it worth keeping the school open?

What would be my answer? It is well worth all that it costs to keep a Christian school open. Why? In a Christian school you can do what can't be done at a public school. You can teach about Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. You can bring the truth of the Lord to the children in many different ways - not just religion class. And in this world today, that is important.

There is a hope given at a Lutheran school - the hope given through faith in Jesus. Is it worth the cost? Yes. The foundation that is given to the children will help them through out their lives.

Will it keep the children from getting involved in drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual activity and many of the other problems our society faces? No it won't. They may make poor decisions and still get into those things. But they will also be taught that in the midst of their sins, in the midst of their bad choices of life, they are still forgiven and loved by God. Having them day after day in school, gives us the chance to teach them that Christ is going to help them with their lives.

Yes, we need Christian education. We need the Lutheran schools. We need to decide if we are going to put our money where our mouths and hearts are. I know for one that I fully support our school and Lutheran education.

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