Friday, June 26, 2009

Coast Starlight and Napa Valley

The trip continues - leaving Seattle on Thursday on the Coast Starlight. We left Seattle at 9:45 a.m. which meant we didn't have to get up early in the morning. The unfortunate thing is that we are still on central time not pacific time. That means that I wake up at my normal time, which is early this time. I am waking up around 5 or 6 here on the west coast which is actually late central time. I am soooo confused!

The Coast Starlight was even better than the Empire Builder. Sleeper car passengers had their own parlor car - with dining, wine/cheese tasting and comfortable chairs to sit in and watch the world go by. We ate lunch in the parlor car and supper in the dining car. Both were really good. the wine and cheese tasting was a blast.

The scenery was amazing. It was even better than the Empire Builder, which had some great things as we went through the south part of the Glacier National Park and the Cascade mountains. Along the Puget Sound, it was great to watch the wonders of the world. The mountains were great and finally the sun set. The night of sleep was great.

But the Coast Starlight arrived at Sacramento, CA 1 hour and 10 minutes early! That wouldn't have been so bad if you were ready for it. Penny had just gotten up when they knocked on the door and said that we were arriving early but had plenty of time. We didn't want to miss our stop, so we hurried to get ready. It is nice when a train is early but not when it arrives at 5:30 am. instead of 6:30 a..m.! That meant we had a 2 hour wait instead of a 1 hour wait while we waited for the rental car office to open (at 7:30).

All went well as we waited. Amazing the people you see while you wait. I watch the people and wonder - how many of them know God? How many of them have a personal relationship with Jesus? How many of them will be going to heaven? And it makes me sad to realize that there are those who are not in that relationship with Jesus. Watching people come and go, I hoped and prayed that these same people would be reached with the gospel. How hard it is to sit and not say anything or reach out to them.

Soon we had the car and off we went to Napa Valley. Interstate 80 was like a race track! I felt like we were going to be run over. Finally I got into the swing of driving in CA and off we went. We got off the interstate and headed for Napa. A rousing breakfast at IHOP and off to the wineries. Beringer winery was great. The tour was interesting, and I learned a lot. The Sutter Home wine tasting opened my eyes. Who would have known that I actually like port wine? I sure didn't. Don't like the rest of them though. The gentleman that worked with us really did a good job. Thank you Sutter Home Winery. I did get to see the Napa Valley Wine Train, though I didn't get to take a picture of it.

We returned to Sacramento through the mountains on a 2 lane road - it was amazing. The hairpin turns, the sharp corners and the fantastic vistas, I can't say enough. Driving through the mountains is amazing and after a while, quite boring. You can never see around the next curve to know where you are going. While it was a great drive, I like being in Illinois. I guess I am true flatlander after all.

Diner was along the Sacrament River in an old steamboat. I had wild boar! yes, wild boar. It actually was really good. Penny had scallops which were quite good. Over all, on a star rating scale I would rate dinner a 4-4.5 on a 5 point scale. What do you think about that?

More coming on another day. God bless to you all.

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