Monday, June 8, 2009

Stormy Monday

Today started with a little rain, lots of sunshine and then some storms came through in the late afternoon that gave us rain, hail, thunder and lightning. It was quite a day for us.

Monday came upon us and one thing was for sure - school was out. Hurrah! We didn't have to get up and teach class this morning. It felt good to sleep in till a little after 6:00. Did you get to sleep in? I hope so. Did I miss the kids? Hmmmmm, let me think about it. Not really - it has only been one day and that means that ther ehasn't been much time to begin missing them.

Tomorrow there is a funeral. It reminds us of one very important thing - Jesus died and rose again in order to give us that assurance of life with Him forever. It was His death upon the cross that destroyed the power of the devil and sin over our lives. And it was in His resurrection that we see the exclamation point! He destroyed the power of the grave over us. The last great enemy no longer has power over us. How much better can it get than that?

I stood at the back of the funeral home and waited for the rain to stop. I could have walked home in the rain and gotten soaking wet, but I didn't. Why? Because it was hailing as well as raining. I didn't want to walk in the hail. That would hurt (to put it lightly). So I waited and visited with the guys from the ambulance service. Jason and Bob I believe their names were. They were really nice guys. They do so much for our community. We need to be thankful for the work that they do for our community. Thank you to all our public servants.

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  1. ok we live across from the funeral home and he forgot his cell phone hmmmm. if he would have remembered the cell he could have called his loving family and they would have picked him up now the question is Was this a God moment was he suppose to visit make contact with those emt's to share a word to have them feel comfortable talking to a man of God hmmm God moments they happen every minute of every day