Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today was a good day. We had worship this morning. It was wonderful. The Holy Spirit truly was present at St. Paul's as we praised God and were fed from Word and Sacrament. Bible Class was absolutely tremendous. We talked about Baptism and it truly was wonderful. I thank God for leading us today.

The Open House today went well. We had over 80 people come through the house today. We thank them for all the work that they did in getting the house ready for us to live here. It is a beautiful house.

Then the Youth Gathering meeting - 10 youth and 2 adults going. Penny and I are Community Life Builders once again. Thank you God.

And the Fish fry at Dale and Shirley Schnoeker's was well attended and the fish was, how would I describe it? Melt in your mouth wonderful. Can you tell, I had a great day today. Thank you Lord.

We are watching a show on Hallmark, "Come Dance at My Wedding." It made me think about dancing. Penny and I enjoyed learning ballroom dancing. I found it wonderful. There is something about dancing with one that you love. It is, intimate, and at times very sensual. I loved dancing with Penny. Wish we did it more. Can you believe that? Me, Mitchel, sayingthat I would love to go dancing. I loved how it felt holding her while we twirled around the dance floor.

Dancing with one that you love - that is what marriage is like. You learn to dance with one another. You learn how to hold each other, how to guide and travel with each other in whatever circumstance the world throws at you. There is something special when two people are in love, holding each other, showing one another that you like how you feel together.

I would love to dance. I would love to hold my wife. I would love to dance around the floor with her. It lifted my heart. It touched me deep inside. It opened my heart to something special.

Gentlemen, think about this - dance with yourwife. Dance with her each day. Dance in the kitchen. Dance in the dining room. Dance across the floor. Don't worry about what anyone thinks. It is just about the two of you. Dance, dance and dance some more. Let the music of your heart lift you up, take control of your feelings and show your wife how much you truly love her.

How I wish I could dance. How I wish we

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